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Sex hasn't changed much over the years. Fortunately condoms have
He's not immortal. He's just young
This could be your lucky night . .
Choose safer sex
Choose safer sex
Mr. Brewster - 60"
Denise - 20"
Choose safer sex
And they don't know each other well enough to discuss using a condom?
She looks safe .... I can't stop now anyway ..
I'm trying out that new club tonight... ...and you're not going for the music
Who's Chlamydia?
If some 1 you worked with had HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, would it affect you? [...] Share the facts, not the fiction
Have you arranged travel insurance?
If your sex life is unprotected, so too is your relationship
Mike - 20"
Still using condoms, AIDS hasn't gone away, can't tell by looks, new treatments - but still no cure, best be careful, keep sex safer
They used to say masturbation was bad for you. Now it could save your life
[AIDS can affect anyone]