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Get information learn more about VCT. What you discuss is confidential
HIV is in your church. HIV is everywhere. Practice love and compassion today
I am your mother and best friend. Talk to me. HIV/AIDS can destroy your future. Let's beat HIV/AIDS!
Guess who didn't use a condom? Ice got an STD. Just how cool are you?
HIV is in your community. HIV is everywhere. Provide care and support to your neighbors today
Being yourself is being cool. Early sex destroys the self. Lets beat HIV/AIDS!
Responsible officers protect their families by protecting themselves from HIV
My education comes first. Sex can wait! Let's beat HIV/AIDS, STIs and Teenage Pregnancy
Dr Kalulu warns... AIDS could ruin your life. Avoid it!
My family and community care for me. We kick stigma and discrimination out. What about you? Get involved now!
One of these girls is HIV positive. You can't tell by looking
HIV is in your home. HIV is everywhere. Talk about it with your family today
Knowing my HIV status is my choice. Protect your future. Go for VCT. Let's beat HIV/AIDS
One of these guys is HIV positive. You can't tell by looking. Use a condom every time you have sex
Be a hero and guard against AIDS
HIV is in your workplace. HIV is everywhere. Show acceptance and understanding to your colleagues today
You can not tell an AIDS carrier from looks alone. So do not take chances
I am your father and best friend. Talk to me. HIV/AIDS can destroy your future. Lets beat HIV/AIDS!
Be faithful. Stick to one partner. Multiple sexual partners put you at risk of HIV/AIDS infection
HIV/AIDS support groups provide care, love and friendship. Work with a support group near you. Get involved now!