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Some say Milwaukee is years behind the East and West Coast cultures. Not anymore
Protegez-vous. Le seul moyen d'arrêter le SIDA c'est vous
Imagenes contra el Sida. Exposicion de 36 carteles
HIV virus hides inside the special fighting cells
III International Conference on AIDS
It takes more than one kind of ribbon to beat AIDS
The Art of AIDS education
Qu'est ce pour toi le SIDA?
Usually our immune system protects our body from germs and diseases
Use condom for safer sex
Art fights AIDS: a benefit for the people with AIDS
Youth campaign to contain the deadly H.I.V. virus
AIDS in Europe. The behavioural aspect. European conference on methods and results of psycho-social AIDS-research
Art about AIDS. International posters created in response to the HIV/AIDS crisis : an exhibit
Metro-Act's TV dinner presents: The AIDS Show: artists involved with death and survival
How AIDS spreads. Unprotexted sex, infected blood, infected needle, infected mother to baby
Exposition des peintures
Save your country. Save the world