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Nada como la leche materna. A menos que tengas el VIH
Qual destas pessoas tem o vírus do SIDA? Impossível dizer!
I care do you? Kabanana actor Pakeni
¿Sabes a quién más pones el peligro al inyectarte drogas? A tu bebé
SIDA no discrimina. Le da a cualquiera
Hepatitis B chooses its victims
She has her father's eyes and her mother's AIDS
Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The equal opportunities virus
Su bebé la necesitará para todo. Haga algo que pueda hacer una diferencia para los dos..
AIDS! Think about it ... before it's too late!
AIDS affects us all
Pregnancy might lead to early development of AIDS related diseases
Becoming a father?
Jenny has her mother's smile and her father's AIDS. Don't pass it on. Use a condom
Let your child be born without AIDS. Be responsible parents. Keep to your sexual partner only
AIDS sex and drugs. Don't pass it on! Know the facts!
If you want one of these one day, use these today
[pointing family]
Se abbiamo paura di amare, siamo tutti malati di AIDS.
Est-ce que vous pouvez trouver la personne qui est atteinte du SIDA?