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Stop AIDS in its tracks
Don't let AIDS deal you a losing hand know the facts "Don't shoot drugs or share needles"
Ann and Gary. Gary and John. John and Kate. Kate and Ann
Mit HIV-positiven leben und arbeiten ist nicht ansteckend. Zeig Respekt!
Le virus du Sida ne ce transmet pas en penetrant dans le bureau d'une collegue
Die Muttermilch macht's, dass Babys sterben
No time bombs for your baby. Ask now about the risk of Hepatitis B and AIDS. Talk to your doctor
Ce string a connu la peur
AIDS: a gift you can send home
This is you and your partner
Évitez le SIDA et les hépatites B et C
If you cheat on your partner you could wind up with more than just a broken heart
SIDA. Vous ne vous en souciez guére mais avez-vous pensé à nous?
The only thing worse than losing a child to AIDS is finding out you didn't have to.…
Don't shoot!
Le Sida, en parler pour mieux lutter
Self-realization. Get high. Get stupid. Get AIDS
Decision X
Soldes monstres!