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AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is deadly!
Awareness key to prevention of AIDS
Hepatitis B chooses its victims
[I am responsible for my actions]
HIV/AIDS spreads this way!
Ki bo viris ki bay maladi SIDA-A chita
Como protegernos de enfermedades infectocontagiosas
How AIDS is spread
Personal choices may prevent AIDS
[Smiling woman donating or receiving blood]
It is difficult to get AIDS
Stall Street News. AIDS: Am I at risk? Yes, if you check any of the following:
Blood Supply
Sangue não é mercadoria! A Constituinte está certa
SIDA: El SIDA puede transmitirse por transfusion de sangre contaminada. Informese!
Blood Transfusion: what every patient should know
Comment le SIDA se transmet
Planner 2005
HIV/AIDS can prevented this way
AIDS. Sai proprio tutto? Parlane con il tutto medico!