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Reaching out to those who have been touched by HIV
What do you do when your best friend has AIDS?
Anna hat Aids. Wer wirft den ersten Stein?
Give people with AIDS love and care
Anna ha l'Aids. Chi osa condannarla?
Does someone you know have to get AIDS before you'll help?
If you are not sure how to respond to the AIDS crisis here's a good place to start
SIDA  puede vaciar cualquier casa. Protector de tu hermano
What do you do when your best friend has AIDS?
J'me souviens plus ce quelle voulez faire plus tard, ma chum
Fortunately prejudices can change.
Be compassionate to AIDS victims
Family: for. . . compassionate care. Share the challenge of AIDS
Red ribbon is an international symbol of AIDS awareness
Africa We Care. We can make a difference
Depuis qu'y est petit, j'ai toujours voulu le meilleur pour mon gars
We are PACT for life
Peut-on cajoler une personne séropositive? OUI!
Menschlichkeit ist ansteckend. Eine HIV-positive Frau streicheln nicht