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Negotiate. AIDS touches us all
I care. Do you? St. Michael
Zet 'm op
They took the time to talk about safer sex. Will you?
Kupiga vita ukimwi ni wajibu wetu tuelezane na kuzuia ukimwi. To fight AIDS is everyone's responsibility. Share the information and stop AIDS
Ruf doch das jugend - telefon fur AIDS-fragen an
Sex talk. Talking about condoms can't hurt you. Sex without one can
Respecte mon choix, c'est aussi bien pour toi que pour moi
Get involved
Talk sex
Know the facts about AIDS. Think about it. talk about it. Act to prevent it!
Girls. Boys. Clothes. Friends. Weekends. Movies. Malls. AIDS
Talk on sex
Say no to sex without a condom. Stand up for your life
Sexual health begins at home
It's time I taught him a thing or two about AIDS
Avant qu'on s'emballe... Mieux vaut qu'on l'emballe
Faut se parler. On à tant de choses a se dire