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Amour ne tue pas mais le SIDA tue
Le préservatif. Parlez-en comme vous voulez, mais parlez-en
Jikinge na magonjwa ya zinaa na ukimmi. Protect yourself from STDs/AIDS
Deaf Mesmac. Men who have sex with men action in the community
It's the healthy way to live. Panther condoms
Say no to sex without a condom. Stand up for your life
Does someone you know have to get AIDS before you'll help?
Collectively we can make a difference
"I talked to my kids about sex and HIV." Deputy Minister Pohamba Shifeta
Summer in the city. Slip into it!
We can work together to help stop the spread of HIV
Correct use of condoms protects you from AIDS and other STDs.  Don't take chances!
Écouter. Informer. Orienter. Soutenir. Témoigner. Allo ... Info SIDA
Sucer or not sucer
HIV is a serious health issue affecting our community
Conversations '90
It might take more than motherwit to tell my children what to do about AIDS
Respecte mon choix, sinon on s'arrête là!
So when do we stop using condoms?