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If you assume AIDS won't affect you, then you should still assume the earth is flat
"AIDS - It won't ever happen to me. Will it?"
Perception: AIDS can't happen to me.  Reality: AIDS can happen to you
"AIDS - It won't ever happen to me. Will it?"
Paul - 40"
Better off knowing?
SIDA: What's your situation? Listen. talk, face up to it
Gai de l'annee
[Don't delude yourself, AIDS is right next to you]
When Martin was told he had AIDS, his family couldn't believe it. After all, he is 64
Nebūk abejingas!
Von heroin kriegt man noch kein AIDS
Sera posible? Que yo este en riesgo del SIDA. Si! La realidad esque el SIDA te puede afectar
Le 5 a 7
I didn't want to look stupid putting a condom on
If he won't play safe maybe he just doesn't give a damn!
Von kokain allein kriege ich kein AIDS
I'm fairly sure I'm negative so what's the point in testing?