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Drogas y SIDA: No juegos loteria con tu vida. Drug abuse
Stop AIDS in its tracks
Don't let AIDS deal you a losing hand know the facts "Don't shoot drugs or share needles"
21. Juli: Bundesweiter Gedenktag für Verstorbene Drogenabhängige
Bzz me! Ik weet wat jij wilt weten over alcohol, drugs en (veilig) vrijen
Get tested
Why alcohol, crack and other drugs can put you at risk for the AIDS virus
Pique ton bon sens
Needle exchange programs save lives
Where has it gotten you so far? The Choice is Yours!
Chacun sa seringue, une idée fixe.
Évitez le SIDA et les hépatites B et C
And keep healthy
Don't shoot!
Sometimes it's not nice to share
There is NO green light for sex, drugs, alcohol. Only stop and caution. Prevent AIDS, VD
Self-realization. Get high. Get stupid. Get AIDS
Hépatite C.   Devez-vous vous faire dépister?
Repeat and re-testing guidance
Take the test. Take control