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He wouldn't give up shooting I gave him up. AIDS. Don't share a bed with someone who shares a needle
Como se adquiere el SIDA?
AIDS sex and drugs. Don't pass it on! Know the facts!
Comment on attrape le SIDA
Von heroin kriegt man noch kein AIDS
AIDS Information. Don't trade in AIDS
Self-realization. Get high. Get stupid. Get AIDS
"AIDS Sex And Drugs" Don't Pass It On! Know The Facts!
Don't worry about what you'll pick up at work
What does AIDS mean for women?
Household hints for drug users
If you don't protect your baby from AIDS. . . Who will?
Household hints for drug users
"I didn't know that I had AIDS until I saw it on my baby's death certificate."
"Sharing needles caused more damage than I imagined. Today I cannot think of having a baby." --AIDS infected person