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World Aids Day. Families take care
We offer a much more effective method to reduce HIV test anxiety
21. Juli: Bundesweiter Gedenktag für Verstorbene Drogengebraucherinnen
3rd annual HIV living memorial
Decision IX
Le depistage. Savoir, pour se saver la vie
Education about AIDS.
Annual summer party
Second nightmare
VIDA sin SIDA. Protegete
Mami protegeme. Mujer, sólo tú podrás proteger a tu hijo del SIDA
Prevent AIDS
Ohne? Ohne mich
Protect your freedom
London Lighthouse. A centre for people facing the challenge of HIV and AIDS. Residential Unit
This painting depicts the continuing cycle of life and the role all people must play to ensure an AIDS free future [...]
Body Positive Women. A group for women only, living with or affected by HIV and AIDS
Erotiken är död. Länge leve erotiken!