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Let us all support persons living with HIV/AIDS... positive!!
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AIDS kein hindernis vieles gemeinsam zu tun
Vrienden blijven vrienden, seropositief of niet
Relaxed, fun and supportive place to meet. Blackliners at Akairah.
Choose safer sex
Girls. Boys. Clothes. Friends. Weekends. Movies. Malls. AIDS
Depuis qu'elle a annoncé qu'elle était séropositive, Delphine a perdu beacoup d'amis
Faut se parler. On à tant de choses a se dire
Mut braucht Unterstützung
Je n'ai pas choisi mon orientation sexuelle, mais d'en être fier, ça c'est mon choix!
Give people with AIDS love and care
If you're going to say yes, use a condom
What do you do when your best friend has AIDS?
Let's talk man to man. Hey, brother, you can get AIDS, so take care of yourself... always use condoms
There's strength in our numbers
How can you still be positive when over a hundred of your friends have died?
Ich bin HIV+ Ich schütze mich, achte auf meine gesundheit und liebe mein freunde!
London Lighthouse. A centre for people facing the challenge of HIV and AIDS. Residential Unit