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What's your chance of getting AIDS tonight? AIDS. What you don't know can hurt you
Look at what ACON West Sydney can offer you . .
HIV/AIDS spreads this way!
SIDA. N'utilisez que du materiel désinfecté ou a usage unique
AIDS can blow your high
Drogenproblem lässt sich nicht vom Tisch wischen. Aber auf den Tisch bringen
Take care. Don't share. AIDS kills
Before use... sterilise. Don't spread AIDS
[Preventing AIDS in the Workplace:] don't inject AIDS
Ogni volta...e usa solamente la tua . .
If you've been doing this you could get AIDS. Sharing needles shares disease
Se o seu parceiro(a) injectar estupefacientes, voce esta em risco
Used needles spread AIDS
De uso personal e intransferible. Prevención SIDA
On peut se proteger efficacement du SIDA, et voici comment
Einladung an alle Junkies. Drogen-Gebrauch und Selbstbestimmung
Spuit je vol! Vaccinatie = Levenslang beschermd gegen Hepatitis B
AIDS. A disease that will kill you if you get it
Some of us inject, some of us don't. Always use clean needles - every time!