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If you assume AIDS won't affect you, then you should still assume the earth is flat
Knowledge is the key to healing. Ahalaya
This is the way many people deal with HIV
For teenagers only: from Ryan White
Perception: AIDS can't happen to me.  Reality: AIDS can happen to you
An ounce of prevention..
I won't get AIDS, I'm not gay
Take an AIDS test
Journée mondiale: Solidarité
How much do you know about AIDS?
Better off knowing?
Think with this for a change. Use a condom
SIDA. L'ignorance aussi est un virus dangereux. Informez-vous
Auch wenn man nicht davon sieht: aids ist noch da
Get the message: AIDS strives on ignorance
SIDA: What's your situation? Listen. talk, face up to it
Best defense against AIDS since the condom
This is the way many people deal with HIV