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Aboriginal Peoples Completing The Circle
Education about AIDS.
In the old days it was measles, TB and smallpox
HIV/AIDS support strengthens unity
Respect can prevent AIDS
This painting depicts the continuing cycle of life and the role all people must play to ensure an AIDS free future [...]
They don't ask just about the birds and the bees any longer
Let the light of our teachings guide the way to healthy behavior
Dance to life. Learn the facts the about AIDS
Prevention of AIDS
I am proud to be Aboriginal
There's something that you should know about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS..
Look Listen Avoid AIDS!
Hey you mob let's talk about HIV/AIDS. There's some Black fellas you can yarn with
You don't have to be a queenie to get AIDS
AIDS. Know the risks
Love is healing
Respect yourself. Prevent the spread of AIDS
Tadałᶖde goxìdiale gha gots'ǫ hoelᶖ. Stopping AIDS is up to us