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AIDS. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Syndrom Získaného Selhání Imunity
Sex is:
You are not alone
SIDA. Con condon, el amor sigue siendo . . lo que solia ser
Ouvrez les yeux
And she's too embarrassed to ask him to use a condom?
Peace, love
Give range to your passion. Se lancer avec confiance
Genitale wratten zijn overal verkrijgbaar. Condooms trouwens ook
Sex is wonderful. Take care, be safe
Du far ikke AIDS af: at drikke af samme flaske... eller af at kysse
Love yourself, life, sex. Use condoms
Soa zijn overal verkrijgbaar. Condooms trouwens ook
On serait fous de s'en passer
HIV positive or negative. Choose safe sex
Sex is fun... but stay with one. Anti-AIDS Campaign
When you say yes...say yes to safe sex
Parfois, les amoureux du Pont-Neuf ont un doute