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If you've been doing this you could get AIDS. Sharing needles shares disease
Mahalin siya ng ligtas…sa lahat ng oras
Live long, sugar
Always the last to know!!!
Live long, sugar
Building Bridges. Efforts de rapprochement
Asian. Men loving men
Still using condoms, AIDS hasn't gone away, can't tell by looks, new treatments - but still no cure, best be careful, keep sex safer
SIDA Es una enfermedad que ataca a toda la gente!
Be safe. Be sure
Collectively we make a big difference. Let's fight AIDS
Yêu chó' dế "lụy" cho nhau
AIDS does not discriminate
Women's HIV prevention project
Cintailah pria itu dengan aman...setiap saat.
Love him safely...every time.
If you don't protect your baby from AIDS. . . Who will?
Crossing all boundaries play it safe, live on
HIV/AIDS awareness, risk reduction, education, prevention
Are your shoulders big enough to help?