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"Op jöch es jede jech un hätt ne gummi engesteck!"
Open your heart
We can make beautiful music together..
AIDS. Do you know the way to fight this plague?
KUBA Music Concert
I'm trying out that new club tonight... ...and you're not going for the music
Musik sprengt grenzen. Michele Baresi. Peacock Palace. Friends of Carlotta
Plaisirs d'aimer + sécurité = liberte
Sexe, Drogue, Rock
Sharing needles with my best friend was like using it on my own body. I never expected to be AIDS infected, now both of us are
Robert Luke talks about abstinence. .
Your choice... choose wisely..
Kærlighed følelser sex AIDS. Rock video. Konkurrence
What's love got to do with it?
30 years of AIDS and still fighting!
Remember, Bruce Springsteen wrote "Cover Me" before "Tunnel of Love "
So in love
Ausgeschlossen wegen AIDS? Ausgeschlossen!