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Audio Interview, Bob Day, March 30, 2012
Names project - The Israel tour. The International AIDS Memorial Quilt
Irish Quilt Tour 1992: An AIDS Memorial
We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. -William Wordsworth
Names Project. AIDS Memorial Quilt. See it and understand
The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. Not all battles are fought with a sword
Lebens Zeichen
5ena Diada Memorial de la Sida
Quilt... it makes you think
Quilt of the American Theatre
Quilt. We shall remember you
Life line. Benefits from Social Security. A life line for people with AIDS
An event in 3 acts
Diada 4a Memorial de la SIDA
South Florida Names Project. An AIDS memorial quilt. Saturday
HIV/AIDS information: Putting the pieces together
Children living in a world with AIDS
Quilt Project.
II Diada Memorial de la SIDA
Remembering their names