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Video Interview, Paula Silvestrone, August 2, 2012
Audio Interview, Paula Silvestrone, May 12, 2012
Audio Interview, Michael Beatty, July 6, 2012
Safe sex and Safe using
Education about AIDS.
Look at what ACON West Sydney can offer you . .
Tonight's special! And so is tomorrow. Play safe!
Keep six. Kingston needle exchange
Death is not an option
Penny Pea says use the needle exchange
Luttez contre le SIDA
It appears that a mayor can do more damage with a pen than an addict can do with a needle
Just say know
Share this with someone you love
Sharing needles ... sharing death!!
Virus doesn't fight fair
Évitez le SIDA et les hépatites B et C
This is not an introduction to AIDS
Needle exchange programs save lives