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Victorian AIDS Council Gay Men's Health Centre at Midsumma... not just where you'd expect.
Carnaval bem transado. Sem camisinha pule fora. ou use a imaginaca
Leo Härte 10. 2. Mainzer »Stop-AIDS«-Fest
Kudos! Volunteer Appreciation Party 1994
Little Show of Horrors
Real Bad VIII Congregate
Vrij Veilig Festival
When the party is over, you may have more than a hangover!
No condom - no way!
Six Pack Sex Pack
30 years of AIDS and still fighting!
Mayence Rose
This Carnival we don't care if you doing the [butterfly], the dog or the cow, just don't play the heehaw heehaw heehaw
Celebrating Canberra's gay and lesbian community
Jack off party. De Amsterdam Jacks
Si cette personne était atteinte du VIH, prendriez-vous un morceau de gâteau?
Dance benefit masquerade
Positive Mingle