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HIV/AIDS spreads this way!
Do you know what else is going on inside of you?
Brevsex, telefonsex, onani. De enda tre säkra satten?
Ohne Gummi? Nicht mit mir!
Le preservatif feminin
I didn't know I had AIDS ... not until my baby was born with it
C-word: contraceptives
Ina ka hoksiyopa. AIDS can be transmitted from infected mothers to their infants
AIDS can happen to you! Protect yourself
Born dying...Get tested before you get pregnant
It is possible for an HIV-positive mother to give birth to an HIV-negative baby
AIDS Puzzle. Where do women fit?
Без резинки? Не со мной!
Bara koka a ga ka ta nya lele idele nya lidri ga ri inzi wa
Comment on attrape le SIDA
The transmission of HIV from HIV-positive mothers to their infants during pregnancy, labor and delivery is preventable!
Huduma ya kuzuia maambukizo ya virusi VYA ukimwi (VVU) kutoka kwa mama kwenda kwa mtoto.
Would you be more careful if it was you who got pregnant? ¿Si usted quedara embaragado, seriá más cuidasoso?
Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you or your baby are protected from AIDS
I am safe