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Amour ne tue pas mais le SIDA tue
Sex is
You are not alone
Just sex
Sex is
Couples fidèles... eux ils sont à l'abri du SIDA
Maak je eigen keuzes!
Bang. You're dead!
Do you know who's been sleeping in your bed?
Se protéger et ne penser qu'au plaisir
Sex is
If you think this looks dangerous, try doing it without a condom
Having sex can put you at the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS
Je tong verloren tijdens het kussen?
Bewusst leben. Sexualität hat viele Möglichkeiten. Safer Sex heißt, seine Phantasie zu benutzen. Und das Kondom
Couple with a lot in common
Just sex
First thing that should go on between two consenting adults
Just sex
Pet, Pet,  Stop. Or use a condom