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Rabbits have a certain reputation. But rabbits don't get AIDS. Humans do!
Finish school, fulfil your dreams
Tureke Guceceka… Tuvuge SIDA Ushaka Kuba Umugabo Nyakuri Ahora Yirinze SIDA
You can get a new GUY but you can't get a new life ABSTAIN!
100% manydeel bee joo mana beer kiper raany HIV, tawe momuo ki kirigaabo, ki jac mokar manynyo
Conejos tienen cierta reputacion. Pero el SIDA/AIDS no infecta a los conejos. Y ¡A los humanos, si!
Abstinence has a high failure rate
You can get a new BABE but you can't get a new life ABSTAIN!
Abstinence is the only 100% effective method of preventing HIV, other sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy
Stop - think. Sex: pregnancy, disease, death. The decision is yours. Love alone just can't protect you
Take control... saying no is a positive decision
AIDS. You are capable of protecting yourself
There is NO green light for sex, drugs, alcohol. Only stop and caution. Prevent AIDS, VD
Controlling AIDS is up to you
No todos lo hagen...  Si no ha llegado tu tiempo, no tengas sexo