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Ik schrok even toen bleek dat mijn ploegmaat HIV positief is.
Let's have a baby!
Fainali ya kombe la Ishi. Panama na Milambo watachuana
Be on the winning team! Break the silence: Talk about AIDS!
O Porto é D'Abraco
National World Cup HIV Campaign
Sida. Eu preocupo-me... e tu?
You make me crazy!
To win a match good defending is a must
Hoe M/V ben jij?
Hvad har AIDS med fodbold at gøre
AIDS tem barreira. Previna-se use Camisinha
Nya spelregler
Be smart… Be safe…
Le gardien defend nos buts, le preservatif protege nos vies!
Kapot. Pa prangol
Take me higher!
Avoid getting a red card. Think before you act. Avoid getting STDs/AIDS. Use a condom