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Catholics, condoms and AIDS
Our government continues to ignore the lives, deaths and suffering…
How do you spell relief?
Continuity of courage 89 Night of Resistance
Does someone you know have to get AIDS before you'll help?
Rudy to New Yorkers with AIDS: Drop dead
Drogue, on en sort. Le SIDA, ou en meurt
Continuity of courage 79 White Night
Still fighting for our lives
Arretez le SIDA. Manifestation
Guerre aux labos. Manisfestation contre le sida
Stop SIDA. Tenons notre promesse
We are PACT for life
Continuity of courage 69 Stonewall
Buck stops here
Marchons pour faire reculer le sida
SIDA: que cesse cette hecatombe!
Chico chats