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Sexually transmitted diseases may cause:-
You're not alone . .
Pregnancy might lead to early development of AIDS related diseases
She shows all the signs of having HIV
How much do you know about AIDS?
They show all the signs of having HIV
How HIV Harms Your Body
They show all the signs of having HIV
Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases
Facial wasting
Obvykle projevy akutní HIV infekce : podle frekvence vyskytu v procentech
Pourriez-vous reconnaître le visage du VIH? Etes-vous certaine? Could you recognize the face of HIV? Are you sure?
Ce string a connu la peur
HIV related oral lessions
Vos yeux, voyez-y
Night sweats
Had an itch, ignored it, got worse, where's that number?..
Cette petite culotte a côtoyé l'horreur
A quoi ressemble une personne qui a le SIDA?
Blisters. Burning. Discharge[...]