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Vragen over (on)veilige seks, SOA en de pil.  Bel de AIDS SOA infolijn
HIV/AIDS spreads this way!
A fuck at any cost? I must be worth more than that
In two minds?
Å bli pult av 100 hiv-positive kan være mindre risikofylt dersom dere bruker kondom og vannbasert glidemiddel, [...]
We don't need to fuck without a condom to show we love each other
Pervy Pea got HIV off somebody but who?
He's not immortal. He's just young
It takes two to have unsafe sex, only one to prevent it
Answer these questions: have you ever..
"AIDS - It won't ever happen to me. Will it?"
My ex made me do things in bed that just really scared me
Ukimwi. Ulevi wa pombe na madawa ya kulevya. Huondoa busara katika maamuzi. Tumia kondomu
Have a nice trip. But be careful of AIDS
Le Tour de France
Afterward, I worry about what I've done
Easier to operate while sober
I really should say something about condoms before we go too far