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AIDS. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Syndrom Získaného Selhání Imunity
Como se adquiere el SIDA?
Este accidente fatal fue causado por los jovenes tomando drogas y llendo demasiado rápido. Y éste también
Défoncé? Sans le SIDA et les IST..
Was everybody prettier at closing time?
You may get more than high
Sexo, drogas, SIDA
Love for sale. AIDS for free?
Crack... sex... AIDS
This excuse doesn't hold water
Answer these questions: have you ever..
Easier to operate while sober
Millions of men thought they wouldn't get AIDS
Millions d'hommes se croyaient à l'abri du SIDA
Randy "slipped" when he was high!
Sex, drugs, AIDS
Take the test. Take control
Stop worrying about how you won't get AIDS and worry about how you can
Alcohol and drugs affect your judgment