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Prêt pour l'
Sex hasn't changed much over the years. Fortunately condoms have
What's your chance of getting AIDS tonight? AIDS. What you don't know can hurt you
In 1984, we discovered the AIDS virus. In 1850, we discovered a way to stop it
- Lait   - Lessive  - Dentifrice  - Preservatifs
"Op jöch es jede jech un hätt ne gummi engesteck!"
Lucky Stiffs "Green" goes to war!
Look at what ACON West Sydney can offer you . .
Catholics, condoms and AIDS
!דאג להיות לבוש
Durex range. Hypo-allergenic natural rubber latex
MST/SIDA. Les MST sont des maladies comme les autres
Ongoing outbreak of syphilis and the lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) in Montreal
N'oublie rien!
Berasmara Seperti Menunggang Motosikal… Pastikan anda mempunyai perlindungan
Stop. AIDS in School. Detente. SIDA en la escuela. Halt. AIDS in der schule
Esta noche ligas seguro